Proving cleantech efficiency with X-ray



The challenge in the study on "Reducing NOx exhaust from diesel engines" lies in finding an effective and efficient method to mitigate the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel engines. NOx emissions are a significant environmental concern due to their contribution to air pollution and associated health and environmental issues.



Amminex Emissions Technology, in partnership with the DTU Imaging Facility and supported by the "ESS and MAX IV as Growth Engines for the Capital Region of Denmark" project, is working together to develop AdAmmine, a groundbreaking material for reducing NOx emissions from diesel engines. This collaborative effort combines industry expertise, research capabilities, and regional support to tackle the challenge of cleaner diesel engine emissions.



Amminex Emmisions Technology has developed a safe and Efficient material where NH3 is bound in the salt AdAmmine. The mass uptake of NH3, the temperature and the 3D structure of AdAmmine were measured during saturation at the DTU Imaging Facility

The AdAmmine structure before and after NH3 saturation